Oriental Gambling in the Face of Asia

Asia, a continent studded with so many casino destinations. Most people call it oriental gambling, some others call it eastern gambling extravaganza. The most number of gamblers are found in the entire continent of Asia which is the largest continent in the world. When gambling became officially legal in Asian countries, the industry flourished and have greatly contributed not only in the economy of Asia but the entire world as well. Countries such as Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and Singapore do have great gambling potentials and they do all the work to make gambling have that oriental touch they are known for.

The Asia is known to be a great tourist destination which is quite the reason why gambling took so long before it came to the surface. Not until they realized that a good gambling destination yields to a good performance in tourism. Some countries in Asia are working hard to come up with casinos that offers fabulous attractions. They offer exotic beaches for tourist coming from different continents of the world. Most casinos in Asia are known for the amazing floating casinos which takes the gamblers into a sea gambling adventure. The face of gambling was not legalized until the year 2005 when they realized the trend in most Asian countries was doing good when it comes to gambling. Since then, Singapore was consistently receiving thumbs up tourist from across the globe. They have indeed adopted an open and competent gambling policy. Chinese people are known to have some sort of anguish towards gambling and the gambling practice is illegal in their culture. The communist regimen of China do not allow the poor to go into this kind of vice for their greater good. But, Chinese people are into chance games.

The oriental culture of Asia also made a great influence on the way the casino games are played in Asian countries. Aside from the most common casino games like the blackjack, poker, lotto and among others, there are a lot of indigenous games being played in oriental casinos. One example is the “PaiGow” which means nine in Cantonese. This game is quite difficult to understand and hard to play. It is mostly played in the South East Asia. It is also common in Asia to make use of tiles rather than cards. The most popular tile game in china is the “Maha Jong” which requires gambler to assemble the tile that are alike to be able to won. Despite the illegality, this game is being payed all over China.

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