Game problems in the public health agenda

Game problems in the public health agenda

Gambling problems should be part of the community health agenda, although governments do not consider it as an issue of public health. Now, efforts are being made to push public health administrations to consider playing problems such as mental health and public health issues. Funding for the treatment and services towards the problem it plays are increasing annually.

However, the approach of public health towards immobile has to work on creating a formula for the treatment of the problem’s play and its effects on others, its consequences between generations, and the normalization of a player, especially those who are unaware that they have a problem. The public health approach is also limited in access since it can not be applied to those in a prison facility, either because there is no permission to do so from local authorities or that there simply is no fund for that.

Currently, the external casinos of slot machines, the Internet, and other non-casino gambling mechanisms cause the most damage and are clearly established as the cause of most difficulties to the – pathological of the players over the 90%

These turn out shows that the game can usually be stressed as a danger. A hazard is defined as having the following inherent characteristics: an ability to oxidize, explosiveness, toxicity, flammability, corrosiveness, and ecotoxicity. These dangerous characteristics are underlined as chemical and biological threats to organisms especially when in contact with water and air.

Technician, the game is not a danger. On the other hand, the game makes economic threat and social life, especially if the community has become dependent on buying lottery tickets, pay a weekly visit at a local gambling establishment. The game can not be a chemical and a biological threat, but it is a complex form of danger that needs to be acted on.

It does not pose a threat to the environment, it poses a threat to personal finances. It does not pose bodily harm, but is a mental condition that is almost invisible from standard medical diagnoses. It is in this argument that the definition is of what danger is extended to include threats not only biological, chemical but also ethical, cultural and social threats.

The danger of gambling is getting worse and we do not know about it. In fact, we are looking at it as being announced weekly such as the Powerball lottery. The houses wagering approximately $ 32 million a week to play the game. And it is a lottery game that many houses are addicted to playing despite the fact that they can not afford to play it regularly. Powerball is striking the media that the myth let you win it at night.

If you examine it, many people are disappointed with Powerball. The game becomes a danger in a way that removes a significant portion of money from the houses. But like all dangers this can be remedied by limiting / restricting sales in malls and supermarkets, limiting promotion efforts, etc.

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