Waist trainers: what you need to know about the latest shape wear craze!

If you haven’t already been in the know, waist trainers are a huge revelation in fashion today! They’re the secret trick that so many of us girls use to get the ideal hourglass look, with sexy hips and a prominent bust!

So, what’s the big deal with waist trainers? They’ll tuck your tummy in and tame your flabby midsection if you’re not quite as slim as you want to be. Everyone’s using them, from Kim Kardashian to Beyonce, to Mariah Carey! Waist cincher reviews and endorsements are all over every “inside scoop” fashion piece on top celebs. They’re literally everywhere, even if you don’t see them!

But they’re so much more than shape wear! After all, we’ve had slimming undergarments for decades. Waist trainers have the extra benefit of actually helping you maintain your ideal shape long term!

Those of us at Clic Album actually wear them to the gym more than when we’re out on the town. That’s because they’re such an awesome piece of encouragement to use your gut muscles when you’re exercising, and to keep good posture on the elliptical!

So, if you’re not already in on the waist trainer craze, here’s our verdict to you!

First, stop feeling bad about using a waist trainer. Literally everyone’s doing it, even if they’re not telling you. Even men are using waist trainers, for some perspective. If you’re not using one, you’re going to always feel a bit outclassed by other midsections, and nobody wants that. Just make sure you get the right one for your body type and your clothes, and you’ll be good as gold.

There are also a lot more options than you probably know about. Waist trainers can be anything from a simple, narrow tummy belt to a full corset. You can use different ones for different occasions, and they all work a bit differently. Don’t be afraid to explore, either! These things are super cheap, and you can get a few different options to try them out. Want help finding your ideal piece? We’ve had good luck using WaistTrainers.Reviews, which is a review site that has a lot of different options, which definitely makes it easier to find the ideal solution for you. They even have suggestions for the men in your life, if you know any guys who might appreciate a good tummy tucking! You’ll see those at http://waisttrainers.reviews/men

We also just want to say that like any piece of clothing that squeezes really tight, you can run into problems if you’re not careful. You’ve probably heard about what happens when you wear skinny jeans all day that are too tight? Or what used to happen when women wore corsets (which were basically an old-fashioned waist trainer)? You don’t want anything bad to happen, so be sure to follow our tips!

-be realistic. You’re not going to completely transform your figure overnight, so don’t try to! Start with something close to your current waist measurements, and then work your way in to where you want to be, rather than going all the way at once. Trust us: your body will thank you!

-break it in gradually. The other part of the first few weeks is going to be when your body takes its time to adjust to the trainer you’re wearing. It’s a lot to get used to. Some things that happen to a lot of people are sweating under the trainer, having a harder time breathing, and getting some minor bruising. They’re all normal side effects, and they’ll go away over time. Just ease into your training routine to make sure you don’t do any harm up front.

-take breaks! This one ought to be pretty self-explanatory, but if it’s not, taking breaks will help your body recover after each training session. Think of it like sleeping after a workout. No matter how badly you want to get moving with improving your figure, you have to take some breaks to help your body adjust. Taking breaks is also the only way to make sure you’re actually gonna hold that improved posture and slimness, since you have to rely on your own muscles and not the trainer.

-don’t use it as a substitute for working out! Think of your trainer as a tool, not as a solution to your body problems! It’s there to help you along your journey, but it’s not going to take you all the way by itself. Keep up with your cardio, squats, and other core exercises to make sure your results stick.

Good luck girls! You should be feeling bootylicious in no time!

Writen by Monisha Kemp